Agios Andreas Beach-Mpouka

Agios Andreas beach is locate at the cove of Tigani and is 12km outside Pyrgos. The bathing coast is an open cove’s part, 5.1km length. The length of the beach is 60m and the medium width is 15m with orientation at southwest. Both the coastal zone and the seafloor consist of sand and cobble, while in some places rocks can be noticed. The coastal zone is a little modified, because a small wall has been built at south. Τhe marine biodiversity includes mainly kelp, alga and red alga, which are adhered to the rock parts of the coast. The bathing water at first meters is deep and the seafloor’s slope is steep (in 40m distance from the coast the seafloor’s deep is 5m) .

Someone who wants to visit the beach, is obliged to drive or use the means of transport in order to reach the beach. It is organized and has infrastructures for the best services, such as umbrellas, sun beds, showers, locker rooms and garbage bins. The best possible number of bathers that can be served is assumed to be 300.



One of the most “famous” but simultaneously “virgin” beaches of the west coast. Mpouka beach belongs to the Local Community of Korakokhori. In the area, a whole settlement has been built that gives life every summer by the local village inhabitants. The stores, even if they are not so many, have everything, while the blonde sandy beach and the clean blue water are the ingredients for a special summer escape. The best hours to visit Mpouka’s beach are early in the morning and at noon.


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