Temple Of Epicurean Apollo

The temple of Epicurean Apollo, in Vasses of Figalia, is one of the greatest and the most majestic of ancient times. It was devoted by Figalia citizens to Apollo because the god helped them to get over an outbreak of pestilence.

Temple is located at the centre of Peloponnesus, at 1.130 m. height, over the mountains between Ilia, Αrcadia and Messinia. Τhe temple can be found 14 km south of Andritsaina and 11 km north east of Perivolia. It was built at the second half of 5th century (420-410 B.C.) and it is assumed to be built by Ictinus, Parthenon’s architect. This monument, one of the best preserved of the classical antiquity, was the first to be announced aw World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1986, in Greece.


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