Monastery of Virgin Mary in Skafidia

The Monastery of Skafidia is located only 10km from Pyrgos and next to the clear blue water of Ionian Sea, at the mouth of Iardanos river. A tourist would be excited to see from far away the medieval fortress which surrounds the Monastery.

The Monastery of Virgin Mary the Skafidiotissa, from who originates the name, was built in 10th century A.C. Apart from its noticeable architecture, it has many treasures, such as holy vessels, surplices, reliquaries, uniforms, guns, images, coins, votive offerings and the Monastery’s flag which is made by a handmade image with devotion to Virgin Mary. Important is also the Monastery’s archive and the library with many handwritten books, which make reference to musical, hagiographic, functional and other issues, but also the Monastery’s history and its participation at the Greek War of Independence in 1821.
Today, the Monastery consists of 4 nuns, with the chief nun called “Nun Makaria Anastasopoulou”.


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