Monastery of Virgin Mary of Kremasti

It stands there awesome and impresses with its bulk like being hanged on the rock. The area’s inhabitants were noticing a light in a rock’s hole 800 years ago. They hanged someone with a rope and this person was who found the Virgin Mary’s image which was pendulous.

The Monastery celebrates during the 23th of August. Thousands of pilgrims at Eve, during the Evening Pray and the celebration’s day, come in order to kowtow the Christ Mother. Also the Monastery admits pilgrims all over the year. From the balcony on the church a traveler can see the magical beauty of Ilia’s land till Foloe’s forest and the magnificence of Erymanthos.

A traveler can reach this place by driving through Lanthi village or Lampeti approximately 8km. At both cases the beautiful surrounding will make someone feel excited.

Today, the Monastery houses 17 nuns, with chief nun called Nymfodora Drakopoulou.


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