Kourouta Beach

Kourouta beach is located at Helonitis bay and it is a place where turtle Caretta-Caretta spawn its eggs. The bathing coast it is a part of a smaller open bay which has length 16,5km. The beach has 5.400m length, with medium width 25m and orientation at southwest. The coastal zone is a little modified because of the appearance of permanent buildings and a wall at its limit. At the coast there is a sporadic vegetation. Some of the plants that compose the area’s vegetation are almirikia, reeds and also someone can find dunes and sea lily. Sea’s biodiversity consists of alga, while there are sometimes scattered jellyfish.

Bathing water at its first meters is swallow and seafloor’s slope is gentle ( in 150m distance from the coast seafloor’s deep approaches 5m). Access to the beach can only be achieved through the new National Highway of Patron-Pyrgou.

Parts of the beach are organized and fully equipped with umbrellas, sun beds, locker rooms, showers and garbage bins. At the coast, there are wooden corridors for the easiest access at the beach, junk food place and a restaurant for the best customer care and a lifeguard for the bathers safety. The coast is mainly used for swimming and the activities that take place there are associated with sea sports. The best possible number that can be at the beach is assumed to be 7.000 people.


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